In today’s high demand for better products to increase angler’s catch ratio, is it fair to say that we need better technology? I mean, we now have side scan imaging, sonar so precise you can see a fish’s fin, and maps that are so precise you can “find a needle in a haystack.” These are all fine and dandy, but what about one of an angler’s main weapon of battle; the trolling motor. Yes, the trolling motor is very stealthy. It enables anglers to get close to fish. However, sometimes the trolling motor can scare fish away. How can this be, you ask. Simple, harmonics. Harmonics, according to Webster’s Dictionary, when associated with physics is a component frequency of an oscillation or wave. Basically, this means that when the trolling motor is running, the plastic fan plates bend forward causing different harmonics, or frequency, and while running, the trolling motor pushes a lot of water which can spook fish, not to mention the trolling motor can overheat while on 90% – 100% thrust.
Enter, “The Eliminator” prop nut by R2 Marine. “The Eliminator” prop nut is designed and built to make your trolling motor perform better, longer, and quieter. This prop nut stabilizes the prop by providing a larger contact point. This causes the harmonics to be consistent and push less water during thrust. Having that said, the ‘Eliminator” is also a heat sink. What do I mean by this? There are four holes cut into the nut which allows even and steady water flow to assist in the reduction of operating temperatures thus increasing battery and trolling motor life. Not to mention that this makes your already stealthy trolling motor that much stealthier. It is easy to install. No tolls are needed to put this in place. All you need is a little elbow grease and it is on. Made to fit most Minn-Kota and Motorguide trolling motors, The “Eliminator” prop nut comes in an assortment of colors to provide a sleek, matching aesthetic to your boat